· Research project on automobile pollution with B.E.College (Deemed University), Shibpur, Howrah. Click here
· Carried out detailed research and study on Water Quality and Use of Kolkata's Waterbodies and Impact of Idol Immersion in Waterbodies
· Noise survey in Local Schools
· Urban Biodiversity Survey is being carried out.  
See Jackals of Tollygunge,
· Water quality monitoring for community water bodies
· Economic Sustainability of Urban Waterbodies
· Evaluating Economic Sustainability Of Urban And Peri-Urban Waterbodies

  -A Case Study From Kolkata Ponds by Siddhartha Majumdar and Mohit Ray of Vasundhara Foundation, was presented by Prof Majumdar at 8th Biennial Scientific Conference - International Society for Ecological Economics, at Montreal, July 2004. Read Abstract. (This paper is provided on request. Please contact through feedback for copy)


· Workshops on environmental science for school students on behalf of Jagadish Bose National Science Talent Search, a quasi-government organization, in May 2004. Students are provided practical training on environmental issues like Water Treatment, Environmental Mapping etc.
· Audio-visual workshops on "Water - Elixir of Life" were conducted in colleges in Kolkata, for Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, 2003-04.

· For educational workshop Contact.

Collaborating Organisations

· Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India
· Centre for Urban Economic Studies, Calcutta University
· Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, Howrah
· Jagadish Bose National Science Talent Search
· Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India
· Different colleges, schools in Kolkata and around
· NGOs and Autonomous organisations