Adi Ganga Updates

Citizens voice for Adi Ganga

02/01/2010 00:53
Adi Ganga once upon a time..... AN APPEAL  To  Honourable Minister of Railways,  Government of India  Honourable Minister of Environment  Government of West Bengal  You must be aware that Tolly’s Nullah, the original course of the Ganga (Adi Ganga), is in a a...

Meeting to save Adi Ganga

02/01/2010 01:00
The first public meeting to protest construction of Metro Rail over Adi Ganga, the Heritage River, was organised by Vasundhara at the auditorium of Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, 10 Lake Terrace, Calcutta 700 029.The meeting started at 3-10 pm. By that time the auditorium was full to...

High Court's Judgement and After..

02/01/2010 01:02
CITIZENS MEET EXPRESSES FRUSTATION ON CALCUTTA HIGHCOURT’S JUDGEMENT ON EXTENSION OF METRO RAIL OVER ADI GANGA Calcutta High Court has recently passed an order, which allows Metro Rail to continue its construction on Adi Ganga without the requirement of any environmental clearance. To discuss the...